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What is this workshop?

This is the official website of the 1st International Workshop on Workshop on Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Engineering (TRASE) 2022, which is co-located with the 32nd Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) 2022.

Advances in AI technology, particularly perception and planning, have enabled unprecedented advances in autonomy, with autonomous systems playing an increasingly important role in day-to-day lives, with applications including IoT, drones, and autonomous vehicles. In nearly all applications, reliability, safety, and security of such systems is a critical consideration. For example, failures in IoT can result in infrastructure disruptions, and failures in autonomous cars can lead to congestion and crashes. While there have been extensive independent research threads on the subject of safety and reliability of specific sub-problems in autonomy, such as the problem of robust control, as well as recent considerations of robust AI-based perception, there has been considerably less research on investigating robustness and trust in end-to-end autonomy, where AI-based perception is integrated with planning and control in an open loop. This workshop on Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Engineering (TRASE) offers an opportunity to highlight state of the art research in trustworthy autonomous systems, as well as provide a vision for future foundational and applied advances in this critical area at the intersection of AI and Cyber-Physical Systems.

The mission of the TRASE workshop is to bring together researchers from multiple engineering disciplines, including Computer Science, and Computer, Mechanical, Electrical, and Systems Engineering, who focus their energies in understanding both specific TRASE subproblems, such as perception, planning, and control, as well as robust and reliable end-to-end integration of autonomy.

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